What measures are being taken to improve the heat supply?

  • Actual state of boiler rooms and other heating facilities, heat consumers, including educational and healthcare institutions, residential buildings and other social facilities has been fully investigated. Based on the results, expert assessments and the best practices of advanced countries in the field of heat supply, new directions have been identified for improving the supply of population  and economy in Baku and regions of the country. In order to undertake some measures to limit the coverage of centralized heat sources, which are based on the technologies of 60-70s of the last century and are ineffective today and to establish local boiler rooms with gradual liquidation and installation of modern equipment; to identify residential areas and buildings that are not provided with heat, to identify their heating options for heat supply and to build new heating systems accordingly, process is underway.

What steps are being taken to modernize the existing heat supply sources?

  • In connection with the implementation of these tasks, 172 new heat sources were established in Baku and regions of the country in 2005-2016, including 108 heating sources and 109 old boiler rooms, 55 boiler rooms belonging to educational and health care facilitates were provided with modern equipment and 57 heating stations feeding from the regional boiler rooms were reconstructed and converted into modern ones, 278 gasification projects were implemented, 9 heating stations and lower distribution heating lines of about 1,900 houses were fully overhauled, newly-built, modernized or modular boiler rooms has been installed in all of educational and health care facilitates, as well as lower distribution heat lines and indoor heating system were fully repaired and heating supply was restored.