AERA to learn the Malaysian experience in power plant simulator development

The international workshop on Power Plant Simulator Development - Malaysia Experience (ILSAS) has started today in Selangor, Malaysia. Dozens of experts from all over the world attended these courses to learn the Malaysian experience in the relevant field and to share insights about theoretical and practical knowledge in the power plant field. 

Azerbaijan was represented by specialists from the Azerbaijan Energy Regulatory Agency (AERA). The courses took place in Bandar Baru Bangi city of Selangor state.

Participants are going to take part in a different panels moderated by professional trainers and devoted to power plant simulator, types of power plant simulator, key players in power plant simulator development, economic justification of power plant simulators, high fidelity simulator vs generic simulator, instructor station features, simulator effectiveness in developing human capital topics and moderated by professional trainers. They will also attend the presentations and actively take part at various discussions and seminars.

Participants will also have a field visits to the Malaysian power plant simulators.