EBRD organised a seminar on Renewable Energy Sources

A seminar on “Renewable Energy Sources” organised for experts from Azerbaijan Energy Regulatory Agency took place in Baku.  The seminar was organised within the framework of the Azerbaijan EBRD Regulator project. It was aimed at providing an overview of the emerging renewable energy framework in Azerbaijan and the introduction to the role of the Regulator in renewable energy. The workshop was opened by Mr. Samir Akhundov, Chairman of the Board of the Azerbaijan Energy Regulatory Agency (AERA) who underlined the importance of the Presidential Order No. 1209 of May 29, 2019 "On Acceleration of Reforms in the Energy Sector of the Republic of Azerbaijan"

Ms. Ilka Lewington, DNV GL consultant and Chairman of the Board of the AERA, gave an overview of “Legal Framework for Renewable Energy in Azerbaijan”. Speaking about the ongoing proposal preparation process for reform in the renewable energy sector, Ms. Lewington described it as an impressive step forward. 

Ms. Ilka Lewington gave a presentation on “Introduction to the role of the Regulator in renewable energy” and talked about ensuring conditions for integration into the system such as large scale facilities. Touching the responsibilities of the regulator, she explained that the Regulator identifies or maintains the support system/level, maintains the support system, provides conditions for integration into the system and market, as well as provides conditions for small-scale renewable energy supply.

Ms. Isabel Blanco, the representative of the EBRD's London office, made a presentation on “The trend in support mechanisms: The case for auctions”.

Mr. Arpan Nalva, a representative of Synergy, headquartered in Brazil, informed the participants about the successful auction projects of the company organised in various countries.

Then Christian Hewicker, consultant of DNV GL, gave information about the creation of conditions for integration into the system, about large-scale facilities. During the workshop there were interactive and group discussions on the task of identifying renewable energy problems. The workshop participants also listened to presentations on small-scale renewable energy facilities and the creation of conditions for market integration. DNV GL consultants Tim Menner and Ilka Lewington informed participants about the role of support systems and regulators, by giving examples of international experience.

The workshop ended with a question and answer session.