AERA delegation paid visit to the Romanian energy regulator in Bucharest

The Azerbaijan Energy Regulatory Agency (AERA) delegation had a number of fruitful meetings in Bucharest while paying visit to the Romanian energy regulator. The Romanian experts answered the questions of their Azerbaijani colleagues during the meeting at the National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE).

At the meeting organised to learn the Romanian practice in energy regulating the AERA experts familiarized with the presentations on structure, activities and accountability of the local regulator. They joined the sessions devoted to the licensing of energy entities, rules and methodology of tariff implementation, regulation of retail and wholesale markets, as well as categories and terms of reference of suppliers.   

The AERA delegation also joined different discussions on market monitoring, division of responsibilities between market operator, TSO and regulator, dispute resolutionand consumer protection, renewable energy and energy effectiveness.   

It is worth to remind that the visit mainly aims at getting acquainted with Romanian experience in the energy regulation field and analyzing the feasibility of the gained practical knowledge in Azerbaijan.