Draft rules regarding implementation of monitoring the fields of electricity, heating and gas supply are discussed

The Presidential Decree №204 dated back to the 16th of July, 2018, “On approval of the Rules on implementation of monitoring the fields of  electricity, heating and gas supply” continues to be put into action. To draft relevant rules the KPMG consulting company compiled a working plan in order to implement the projects. In this regard, the representatives of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Azerbaijan Energy Regulatory Agency (AERA), Azerenergy Open Society, Azerishig Open Society, Azerigas Production Association, Azeristiliktajhizat Open Society, as well as the KPMG consulting company had a meeting to discuss current issues.      

During the meeting KPMG experts submitted a report by providing appropriate proposals and recommendations. The participants discussed the rule of setting electricity rigs and assessed the technical security rule possible risks in exploitation of electricity and heating settings. Specialists gave speech on the rule of preparations for the autumn-winter season in terms of electricity, heating and gas supply. They provided their notes on the rule for funding of spare fuel, its creation, protection, use, scale and registration. Given the relevant practices of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, some points were opened to discussion.   

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