AERA conducted 424 inspections on the electricity and gas distribution networks of business consumers

In the first four months of 2020, Azerbaijan Energy Regulatory Agency (AERA) has conducted a total of 424 onsite inspections on the electricity and natural gas distribution networks of non-household consumers who receive funds from the state budget.

AERA carried out 214 electrical inspections to perform technical maintenance of electrical facilities of power supply system such as power plant, transmission lines, transformer substation and distribution lines, to check compliance with the electricity safety and to inspect electricity consumption by non-household consumers. The Agency has issued 49 operational certificates to a number of construction facilities, reviewed and registered 81 electrical projects and rejected 26 requests for approval of electrical projects due to insufficient documentation.

AERA has also carried out visual and operational checks in 210 facilities of non-household consumers to ensure the efficient gas consumption and safe operation of gas installations, as well as compliance with national legislation, Gas Consumption Standards and the regulatory framework in the gas and electricity sector. The Agency has issued 203 operational certificates for industrial gas pipework installation in various construction facilities, reviewed and registered 1293 gas projects and rejected 24 requests for approval of gas projects due to insufficient documentation.

During the inspections, AERA has issued relevant statements on violations of rules and instructed non-household customers to eliminate existing faults and defects. 

The Agency has revealed a number of violation cases like the breach of the ‘The Electricity Consumption Standards’ and connection to the electrical network without the proper technical documentation on 3 electrical facilities and  2 illegal connection cases to the gas distribution network.

AERA’s inspectors have issued 6 and 11 records of proceedings regarding the electricity and gas supply in line with the Code of Administrative Violations over the course of the report period.

From January to April 2020, with the participation of the Azerenergy and Azerishig engineers 8 electric meters have been technically reviewed, the schemes of transformers were properly stamped, whereas the electrical meters were read through computers.   

Based on the consumer requests, 252 employees at 43 enterprises have been tested on broad knowledge concerning the safety and health at work, technical exploitation, security and fire safety.