Getting electricity, gas and heating connection
In what cases can you connect to the electricity network as a household consumer? What are the connection fees for the required capacity? You will find answers to such questions.
Getting electricity, gas and heating connection
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Application for connection of construction facilities to the electricity network

Consumers belonging to the household group can apply for the supply of electricity (capacity) to existing or future construction facilities through "ASAN service", "ASAN Utility" or e-government portal.

List of required documents

  • ID cards;
  • Document confirming ownership (Registration card, extract on state registration of property rights (together with technical passport or plan-scheme);
  • Document on required power capacity and quality indicators (cargo report)

Detailed information on the connection of construction sites to the electricity network can be found at this link.

Service fee and connection period

It is determined by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan No. 327 dated July 24, 2018.

Connection is made within 12 or 24 days, depending on the payment.

Installation of electricity meter

Provision of household consumers with electricity meters is supplied, installed and replaced at the expense of the energy supply company. 

Given that general technical conditions are provided for connection of residential buildings to the power supply network and the requirements of these technical conditions are met, separate technical conditions, project documents and connection fee are not required for connection of apartments located in these buildings to the power supply network.

Application for the connection to gas network

To connect to the gas supply network, the customer contacts one or more contracting organizations from the list of contracting organizations posted on the official website of "Azerigas" PU, chooses the appropriate one and concludes a contract for the execution of works. 

An inquiry form is prepared by the organization together with the representatives of the PU and preliminary technical conditions are prepared. After that, the contracting organization prepares the project estimate documents, applies for agreement with the PU and meter allocation. After the set of documents is checked by the Project-estimate and expertise department of BU, the gas meter is allocated to the contracting organization, which in turn ensures its installation.

After the completion of the construction works, the organization applies to the "New gasification commission" established by the PU for Baku city and Absheron region, and for Sumgayit and other regions, the Sumgayit Gas Operation Area (GIS) and the relevant Regional Gas Operation Department (RGII). The commission, Sumgayit GIS or RGII inspects the works carried out on the project on the spot, the meter is sealed and an act is drawn up and the contract on the purchase and sale of gas is presented.

Installation of gas meter

The gas meter is supplied, installed and replaced at the expense of the gas distributor for the use of household gas appliances by the household consumers.

Application for connection to the heat supply network

Consumers belonging to the household group must apply to the head office of "Azeristiliktechizat" OJSC (Baku, Khatai district, Khudu Mammadov street 3) to connect to the heat supply network.

  • Application - a scanned copy of the document (when applied electronically) or original (when applied in person or by mail);
  • Document confirming the right of ownership over real estate - scanned copy of the document (if applied electronically) or a copy (if applied in person or through the postal service);