Quality control of services
Learn the details of the quality control mechanism of services provided in the field of electricity and gas supply here
Quality control of services
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Quality in the field of electricity

The Agency, within its competence, monitors the further improvement of the quality and accessibility of services provided to consumers, providing them with reliable, uninterrupted, high-quality and safe electricity and heat.

Quality in the field of gas supply

The Agency, within its competence, checks the quality of gas sold to consumers - composition, density, humidity, heat generation and other indicators in the laboratory or by special technical means. The Agency is working in this direction:

  • Participates in the analysis of gas samples taken from gas metering points in the laboratories belonging to the Institute together with the laboratory specialists of SOCAR's “Oil and Gas Research Project” Institute, which determines the gas quality indicators;
  • Participates in the technical inspection of NGC flow gas chromatographs in operation to determine quality indicators at gas metering stations belonging to the Main Gas Pipeline Areas of SOCAR's Gas Export Department;
  • Carries out review of information on gas metering stations through ROCWEB software;
  • Controls the quality of gas delivered to consumers to meet the requirements of technical regulations.

If, as a result of the inspection carried out by the Agency, the gas quality indicators do not meet the requirements of technical normative legal acts, it requires the gas distributor to take measures to bring the gas quality in line with those technical normative legal acts.