Protection of consumer`s rights
What does AERA do to protect consumers' rights? How do citizens apply to the Agency? You will find answers to such questions
Protection of consumer`s rights
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Monitoring compliance with the legislation on the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of consumers

One of the activities of AERA is monitoring compliance with consumer protection laws in the field of electricity and heat, as well as gas supply.

Work done in the field of consumer protection

  • AERA reviewed applications, complaints and suggestions received from consumers via hotline and e-mail on electricity and heat, natural gas supply and other issues in accordance with the legal acts regulating the energy sector, and took appropriate measures;
  • Considers and takes appropriate measures in accordance with the legal acts regulating the energy sector, the hotline on electricity and heat supply, natural gas supply and other issues from consumers, as well as applications, complaints and proposals received by e-mail;
  • From the point of view of customer satisfaction and accessibility, considers the design documentation prepared for the electricity and gas supply of construction sites within 5 working days, ensures delivery within 7 working days;
  • In order to protect the rights of consumers, the Agency on a regular basis controls the process of state verification of electricity and gas meters in the metrology departments of "Azerigas" PU and "Azerishiq" OJSC.

How do citizens apply to the Agency?

Consumers can contact the Agency through the "974" Call Center, social media, and direct e-mail.