Consumer satisfaction
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AERA's activities to ensure consumer satisfaction and respond to inquiries and requests are governed by the Citizens' Appeals Act and the Consumer Protection Act. The main goal here is the Agency's prompt response to consumer complaints, investigation of contentious issues and ensuring customer satisfaction in the future.

Consumers contact the Agency through the Call Center, social media accounts and the official website. Appeals are registered, investigated and promptly respond to them.

According to the statistics of citizens' appeals for 2023, the Agency received 6765 calls, emails, etc. directly from the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Energy on consumer protection, electricity and heat supply, gas supply and other issues.

Out of which:

A total of 5672 applications for 568 information related to electricity supply;

A total of 864 appeals, of which 64 for information on gas supply;

A total of 103 appeals, including 7 on heat supply issues;

In total, there were 126 appeals on other issues, of which 8 were informational.

Out of 6765 applications:

The Agency considered and responded to 5632 appeals (113 appeals were sent to the relevant authorities for consideration and action);

14 requests were implemented jointly with the Ministry of Energy;

472 appeals are under consideration;

Of the 647 informational appeals, 328 were letters of thanks for resolving the issues raised.