An online meeting was held with the students of Baku Engineering University
  • Publication date2022-12-26 12:54:00
  • CategoryPress releases

An online meeting was held between representatives of the Ministry of Energy, the Azerbaijan Energy Regulatory Agency (AERA) and the State Agency for Renewable Energy Sources (BOEMDA) and the student and teaching staff of Baku Engineering University (BMU).

The main purpose of the meeting was to share information that may be useful for students and to facilitate information accessibility on the official website of the Ministry of Energy and its subordinate institutions.

Jahid Mikayilov, the head of the Press sector of the Ministry of Energy, who opened the meeting with an introductory speech, emphasized the importance of such meetings with students and gave detailed information to the students about the main activities of the institutions, measures and innovations in the field of energy.

Ramiz Humbatov, the head of the Department of Automation, Telecommunications and Energetics of BMU, pointed out that mutual relations with institutions will contribute to the educational and working lives of students and spoke about the planned measures for the development of cooperative relations.

Later, the informative and educational information on the official websites of the institutions was shared with the students.

The meeting ended with answering the students' questions about internship programs and employment rules.