Mirmahammadali Aslanov
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AERA has launched a new project to introduce employees. The main goal of the project is to support those who want to work in the field of energy regulation by sharing their views on the position of AERA employees.

The first participant of our project was a leading specialist of technical normative and regulatory department, Mirmahammadli Aslanov.

What is the favorite part of your job?

You know, a part of my career path was interconnected to production and its process. Overall, my interest in production processing was a main influencing factor in choosing my career and I specialized in electricity generation. After working in this field at different times, various jobs, my path crossed with AERA. My work at AERA is essentially a formation of the state policy and participating in the implementations of the policies. Meaning, today my work is my is in line with my childhood dream. My favorite part of my job is doing what I love.

How would you describe your daily work?

I always try to approach my work schedule systematically. At the end of each work day I’m planning things I will do tomorrow and writing down in my notebook, and by doing so, every morning, when I come to work, the plan of the day is on my table. Of course, some days there are deviations from the plans in the notebook, but to be honest, these deviations always result in development.

What would you recommend to those who want to work at AERA?

In my opinion, the person who wants to work at AERA, needs to be confident in his knowledge and skills in the vacancy he is applying for, and to outperform the competitors in this environment. And this is possible by constantly working on yourself. Experience shows that those who passes these stages are definitely successful in their future career. The road to success begins with desire.