"Honored energy worker of the CIS" medals were presented to the employees of AERA
  • Publication date2023-06-14 19:35:00
  • CategoryPress releases

Chairman of the Board of the Energy Regulatory Agency (AERA) Samir Akhundov presented certificates and medals of "Honored energy worker of the CIS" to the chief and senior specialists of the Energy regulation and monitoring department, Farid Dashdemirli and Huseyngulu Ibrahimov.

During the presentation, Samir Akhundov spoke about the importance of the reforms and measures implemented in the energy sector of Azerbaijan. He said that energy policy implemented in the country accelerates the development in this field and increases the importance of Azerbaijan in the field of energy security. At the same time, Azerbaijan's multidirectional energy export potential strengthens the country's role as a reliable energy provider on a global scale.

Samir Akhundov thanked the employees for their efficient activities and contributions in the field of energy and wished them success in their work.