AERA releases activity results for April
  • Publication date2024-05-08 10:15:00
  • CategoryPress releases

In April 2024, the Azerbaijan Energy Regulatory Agency (AERA) received a total of 578 appeals, both directly and through the Ministry of Energy, concerning consumer rights protection, electric and thermal energy supply, natural gas, and other related matters. Of these appeals, 519 were related to electricity supply, including 55 of informational nature. There were 53 appeals regarding natural gas supply, with 11 of them being informational. The Agency received a total of 2 appeals regarding heat supply. Meanwhile, 4 appeals concerned other issues, with 1 of them being informational.

Out of the appeals received, 233 were investigated and responded by the Agency, 4 appeals were forwarded to relevant institutions for further consideration and action, and 1 appeal was executed jointly with the Ministry of Energy. Currently, 277 appeals are under consideration. Twenty-two of the 67 informational appeals were expressions of gratitude for resolved issues.

During the reporting period, commissioning certificates were issued for electrical units installed in 22 new and reconstructed facilities, as well as in the facilities with increased capacity and updated power supply schemes, which had been granted permission for use. Operational clearance was granted for industrial gas facilities constructed under 31 approved projects. At the same time, inspection of the technical condition of 21 electricity billing meters took place with participation of representatives from Azerenerji OJSC and Azerishiq OJSC.

Fourteen administrative offense cases were considered in line with the relevant articles of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Azerbaijan, falling under the Agency’s competence. Administrative disciplinary actions were taken in 11 cases, whereas in three cases, the decision was made to terminate the proceedings.

Additionally, 103 control measures were conducted to assess the technical operation of electrical installations, adherence to safety rules, and electricity usage. Eighty control measures were implemented to ensure compliance with efficient gas utilization, “Gas Usage Rules”, and the reliable operation of gas facilities, as well as other regulatory acts.

Furthermore, 225 requests for connecting entrepreneurial facilities to the electrical grid, sent to Technical Councils in 15 “ASAN Service” centers, 3 “ASAN Kommunal” centers and 3 SME (small and medium enterprise) houses, were received and processed accordingly.

During the reporting period, the professional knowledge of 52 electrotechnician staff and personnel responsible for electrical facilities in 20 enterprises was assessed regarding technical operation rules and safety, and methodological assistance was extended to relevant individuals in this regard.